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The Challenge:

For almost four decades, Strongbow was the dominant force in the Australian cider market, but wasn't leading the category.  So as the category evolved, it left the brand displaced and unsure where to go.

The Work:


We set out to uncover the key barriers, understand the triggers and put in place a recovery plan.  There was no obvious quick fix, so bottom up and top down diagnosis was undertaken and a rectification strategy applied.

The Verdict:


"Tripod embedded into the cider team as lead strategist at a time when the business wanted to take stock of the cider market.  The task seemed overwhelmingly complex, but Tripod worked with us to simplify everything - from identifying the key issues, putting in place some great actions, facilitating and mobilising teams and finally measuring and reporting the impacts.  They kept us on task throughout, which is difficult when business priorities shift and numbers need to be hit."


Craig Maclean - GM Craft, Cider & Global Brands CUB

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