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The Challenge:

As Bacardi Martini was restructuring globally, the Australian business found themselves with some significant gaps to fill, but customer-driven deadlines to adhere to.

The Work:

As the recruitment process began to build a new Trade Marketing team, Bacardi-Martini Australia utilised the skills of the Tripod team to plug some significant gaps and deliver projects on time and in full. 

The Verdict:

We ensure the right people are on hand to seamlessly plug into existing teams and structures and get on with the job at hand.


"The work doesn't stop just because the chair is empty.  We are lucky enough to know the Tripod team well and the quality of work they do and the multi-faceted skills they have.  We have used them not only to boost our capacity, but also to find the best-fit agency partners."

Denis Brown - Managing Director, Bacardi-Martini Australia


Not only did Tripod come into our business and support our needs for today, they also provided much needed support with processes and planning enabling us to drive better connectivity within sales and marketing and create more impactful programs for our customers. These processes are still current within our business.

Jeremy Goodale - Sales Director, Bacardi-Martini Australia

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